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MIT Technology Review’s November/December Issue Hits Newsstands Today, Examines the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

CAMBRIDGE, MA – November 6, 2013: Today, the latest issue of MIT Technology Review hits newsstands in the U.S. and worldwide. With Obama’s Affordable Care Act leading the news over the last several weeks, the magazine’s coverage of health-care costs is timely and of great importance.

In the cover story, “A Tale of Two Drugs,” contributor Barry Werth relates how two companies set prices for their costly new drugs and explains how the ways in which we determine the value of such treatments will help decide the future of our health-care system. A collection of other stories explores how innovations in drugs, tests, and treatments are contributing to out-of- control health-care spending. This Business Report, “A Cure for Health-Care Costs,” asks the important question, “What if technology offered ways to save money instead?”

Other feature stories explain why driverless cars are farther away than you think; explore the decline of the largest encyclopedia in history, Wikipedia; and argue that we need a civic response to the privacy issues putting democracy at risk.

As always, the magazine is packed with stories, reviews, and demos explaining important new technologies and why they matter.

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