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MIT Technology Review relaunches today with all-new look online and in print.

New design displays commitment to mission of identifying technologies that will change the world, while offering enhanced reader experience and new advertising opportunities.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, OCTOBER 24, 2012: Today, MIT Technology Review debuts its new look, including completely redesigned website, magazine and logo. The new layout presents editorial features, news analysis, business reports, photo essays, reviews, and interactive experiences more dynamically, providing an enhanced experience for the reader, as well as new and unique advertising opportunities. The redesign is the global media company’s first manifestation of a commitment to their digital-first strategy, and marks the return to the institute’s rich heritage of design. It can be seen right now on and in the November/December issue which hits newsstands November 6.

The new logo, which brings “MIT” into the title of the publication, reinforces the unique 113-year relationship the company shares with the world’s most prestigious technology institution. MIT Technology Review is wholly owned by the Institute and inspired by the great minds and important breakthroughs it has created, yet its journalism is independent from the institution and is inclusive of the global technology community.

Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review’s editor in chief and publisher, will announce the details tonight to a packed house at MIT Technology Review’s annualEmTech MIT Conference on emerging technologies. You can stream his presentation live tonight at 5:45 p.m. EST or view it in the EmTech Video archives later.

“We believe technology can change the world, playing a part in solving the big problems we currently face–disease, limited access to education, and the challenge of providing clean energy,” said Mr. Pontin. “Yet the public is overwhelmed by massive amounts of information about technology, and not all this information is important …or even accurate. Every day at MIT Technology Review, we apply an intelligent, lucid, and authoritative filter to the flood of information about technology. We identify the technologies that matter and explain how they will change the world. You’ll see with the redesign that we engage with our rapidly growing audience more deeply and, together with them, lead the global conversation about technologies that matter.”

MIT Technology Review saw unprecedented growth over the last year. Visits to have increased 104% year-over-year (June 2011 to June 2012). This online growth supports the company’s digital-first initiative, which the publisher announced in June. Cross-platform experiences allow the global media company to offer unique advertiser programs that reach an active and engaged audience of innovators, leaders, and early adopters who make critical business and technology decisions.

“We’re proud to deliver advertisers the feelings of quality and distinction that MIT elicits in the minds of their consumers,” said Kathleen Kennedy, MIT Technology Review’s chief strategy officer. “The Institute’s mission to advance innovation is reflected not only in our editorial, but also in the unique programs we offer to agencies and brands. The ability to combine print, digital, mobile, and live events gives advertisers tremendous flexibility in reaching their audience. Now, advertisers can enhance their media investment by adding impactful messaging through our cross-platform engagement programs, including Views from the Marketplace, Targeted Content Widgets, Custom Publishing, and Webcasts.”

The new issue–with cover art featuring the Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin–poses the question, “Has our commitment to develop groundbreaking technologies to advance the human condition waned?” In stories, infographics, and a photo essay, the issue introduces people who are plugging away at our greatest challenges and explains where breakthroughs might come soon.

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