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    It began with a BlackBerry
    Source: Marketplace Tech
    When Obama was first sworn in, some were worried about allowing him to keep his BlackBerry. Eight years later, he’s cemented his status as a pretty tech-forward president. As his second term ends, we’ll look back at the role of technology in his administration.

    Artificial Intelligence And The King Midas Problem
    Source: The Huffington Post
    [Stuart Russell, a renowned AI researcher] recently co-authored a rebuttal to an article in the MIT Technology Review, which claimed that real AI scientists weren’t worried about the existential threat of AI.

    Skype's real-time language translator: Can it really connect the world?
    Source: The Christian Science Monitor
    “In theory, Skype Translation could be transformative,” wrote John Pavlus for MIT Technology Review in 2015, months after the tool was first released just for Skype-to-Skype calls.

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