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MIT Technology Review announces the 2021 list of Innovators Under 35

The world-renowned media company recognizes exceptionally talented technologists whose innovations aim to solve some of humanity's toughest problems. 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- MIT Technology Review has unveiled its prestigious list of Innovators Under 35. This list honors innovators making great strides in advancing the promise of technology in their respective fields.

From swarms of French-toast-sized satellites to new research into fusion power to a pair of companies racing to bring optical computing to market, this year’s list of 35 innovators are literally creating the future. Their ranks include entrepreneurs, humanitarians, inventors, pioneers, and visionaries.

Tim Maher, managing editor of MIT Technology Review, said: “We get more than 500 nominations for the list, and getting that list down to 35—a task not only for the editors at MIT Technology Review but also for our 30+ judges—is one of the hardest things we do each year. We are proud that the final list highlights the work of a wide variety of people, located all around the world, focused on finding creative solutions to some of humanity's toughest—and most important—problems.”

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and publisher of MIT Technology Review, said: "Our annual list of Innovators Under 35 profiles the rising stars across the tech industry, up-and-comers whose work will define the next decades. By shining a spotlight on these Innovators, we hope to inspire our audience and advance the promise of technology to better our world."

2021 Innovators Under 35 

  • Entrepreneurs:
    • Jacob Becraft
    • Janice Chen
    • Tammy Hsu
    • Sara Spangelo
  • Humanitarians:
    • Aadeel Akhtar
    • Sriram Chandrasekaran
    • Emma Pierson
    • Shriya Srinivasan
  • Inventors:
    • Shelley Ackerman
    • Ryan Babbush
  • Amay Bandodkar
  • Jonathan Gootenberg
  • Nicholas Harris
    • Yichen Shen
  • Virginia Smith
  • Xiao Sun
    • Jie Xu
  • Pioneers:
    • George Boateng
    • Anna Goldie
    • Adnan Mehonic
  • Marc Miskin
    • Nako Nakatsuka
    • Moses Namara
    • David Rolnick
    • Max Shulaker
    • Jinxing Zheng
  • Visionaries:
    • Emma Beede
    • Sara Berger
    • Priya Donti
    • Leah Ellis
    • Kayla Lee
  • Dorsa Sadigh
  • Kaitlyn Sadtler
  • Varun Sivaram
    • Aaron van den Oord

Learn more about this year’s honorees in the July/August issue of MIT Technology Review and on our website here, which goes live June 30. The honorees will also be featured at the upcoming EmTech MIT conference, MIT Technology Review’s flagship event that offers a curated “implication-and-application”-focused perspective on the most significant tech developments of the year. EmTech MIT will be held online September 28-30, 2021. To learn more about the event, follow this link.

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About EmTech MIT

Launched in 1999, MIT Technology Review's annual flagship conference has a long-standing and world-renowned record of exploring the most significant innovations and global tech trends. Held virtually September 28-30, 2021, EmTech MIT will offer a carefully curated perspective on the most significant developments of the year in fields including AI, IoT, biotechnology, and cybersecurity. Part of the esteemed EmTech Event Series, the conference is a deep dive into the ways these technologies impact society, research, education, and life as we know it. EmTech MIT will feature conversations with innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, industry leaders, and some of the world's most brilliant minds. In addition, MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 appear at the event, representing the best and brightest technologists the world has to offer. See the EmTech MIT conference agenda and register. To learn more about diversity scholarships, group discounts, and press passes, contact