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What Matters Most Depends On Where You Are

April 2005

Technology Review looks at technological projects and problems in selected countries.

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Letter from the editor

Let’s Go Dutch


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    The giant of South America is weaning itself from oil and bringing the Net to the poor.
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    Biotech innovations improve the country’s core industries of mining and salmon fishing.

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    Chinese researchers are pursuing a SARS vaccine–and energy and computing independence.
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    United States

    Spooked by terrorist attacks, the U.S. is devoting much of its R&D to defense and homeland security.
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    South Africa

    Open-source software and speech technology could help this multicultural country pull itself into the information technology big leagues.
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    The Netherlands

    A country that engineered itself into existence is tapping into its centuries-old expertise in handling water.
  • By bringing new Web technologies into their stores, retailers are changing shopping in ways no one expected.
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    Race and Medicine

    Population genomics is expanding our knowledge of human diversity. What role should race have in drug development?

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