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October 2003

Technology Review presents our third class of 100 innovators 35 or younger whose technologies are poised to make a dramatic impact on our world. We report on the changes afoot in four major disciplines.

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  • A grass-roots group of leading computer scientists, backed by Intel and other heavyweight industrial sponsors, is working on replacing today’s Internet with a faster, more secure, and vastly smarter network: PlanetLab.
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    Revitalizing Drug Discovery

    Hoping to squeeze more products out of a sputtering drug pipeline, pharmaceutical makers are Aiming to exploit advances in molecular biology. That means changing everything from their corporate cultures to the nature of their university collaborations.
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    GE Finds Its Inner Edison

    Jeffrey Immelt, a former salesman now chairman and CEO of General Electric, tells why he has a “hot button” on technological innovation-and why he’s beefing up R&D in nanotechnology, molecular imaging, hydrogen power, and more.
  • Some technologies are so blatantly obnoxious that the human race would rejoice if they were summarily executed. A humorist and science fiction writer offers some candidates.

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