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Surveillance Nation

April 2003

Webcams, tracking devices, and interlinked databases are leading to the elimination of unmonitored public space. Are we prepared for the consequences of the intelligence-gathering network we´re unintentionally building?

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    Countdown for Rocket Planes

    Planes powered by cheap reusable rockets could be the future of space transportation. But don’t look to NASA: the initiative is coming from a group of small, maverick companies.
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    Life Made to Order

    Efforts to create custom-made organisms-one DNA letter at a time-could yield new sources of energy or novel drugs.
  • Doctors use surprisingly low tech ways to keep track of patient information-sometimes with fatal results. Despite high costs and cultural barriers, electronic record keeping is starting to bring medicine into the digital age.
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    The Observant Computer

    Carnegie Mellon’s Alex Waibel aims to turn computers into astute observers that sense our needs-and even our emotions.

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