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Saying no to the status quo

July/August 2024

A biologist’s study of stress. A neuroscientist’s quest for an antidepressant for women. And a philosopher’s takedown of fatphobia.

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Andrea D'Aquino


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    Stress test

    Born just before the turmoil of the Warsaw Uprising, biologist Elizabeth Sajdel-Sulkowska ’67, SM ’69, ScD ’72, has returned again and again to the theme of stress.

  • Briana K. Chen ’16 is out to change that—and is working on a one-time pill that could help prevent mental illness in women who’ve been traumatized.

  • Categorized in MIT Alumni News: Feature

    Fighting fatphobia

    In her first two books, philosopher Kate Manne, PhD ’11, tackled misogyny and male privilege. For her third, she took on what had long been a bane of her existence.

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    Connecting across differences

    True dialogue involves listening to and learning from each other’s stories.

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    SuperLimbs for astronauts

    Wearable robotic limbs could make it easier to recover from falls on the moon.

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