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Prepare for the automation revolution

March/April 2020

Special report: MIT weighs in on the future of work

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  • Offering good jobs doesn’t have to come at the expense of high profits, argues Sloan professor Zeynep Ton. Indeed, one leads to the other.
  • MIT’s Work of the Future report wants to prepare us for the automation revolution.
  • As head of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the National Institutes of Health, William Gahl ’72 takes on the baffling cases that drug companies won’t touch.
  • Facts and figures to sustain your inner geek
  • Professors Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee exemplify the very best of MIT.

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    Knotty by nature

    A new mathematical model reveals which types of knots are strongest—and why.
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    Silky seeds

    A coating made from silk, bacteria, and nutrients could help crops thrive where nothing grows.
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    She’s not there

    Even when people expected Clinton to win, they did not use female pronouns to refer to the next president.
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    Epstein update

    Law firm’s report is now public.
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    Island life

    Geological factors help determine how long islands survive—and how evolution unfolds in places like the Galápagos.
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