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Is Web Business Good Business

August/September 1997

In an effort to lure Web-savy customers, more and more companies are setting up shop online. Profits are elusive, though, as pioneers attempt to discover how best to tap the medium´s potential.

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    How the Chess Was Won

    The principle designer of the IBM program that beat Gary Kasparov asserts that the win was a plus for humanity and comments on how such software can help do other jobs.
  • Many people who are vulnerable to heart attack don’t know it. Researchers are now pinning down new risk factors–and some suggest preventive measures.
  • Federal research support during the Depression produced key findings and famous scientists. The experience sheds light on the pursuit of R&D during lean times.
  • It’s been a losing battle for half a century. We have many of the weapons we need to save the lives of millions of children, but to turn the tide we will have to marshal all of them.

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