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Grid Computing

May 2002

Hook enough computers together and what do you get? A new kind of utility that offers supercomputer processing on tap.

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  • Vaccine shortages could have the United States on the brink of a public health disaster. Federal health organizations are pushing for nationalized vaccine production, but industry says no.
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    The Invention Factory

    Nathan Myhrvold created Microsoft’s research group and left with a vast fortune. Now he’s created his own organization to keep innovation humming.
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    Reconfigurable Robots

    PARC’s Mark Yim shows off his robots, which reassemble themselves to slink like snakes, roll like wheels or scamper like lizards.
  • Electronic components the size of molecules could test for diseases and provide personal DNA profiles on demand.
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    Economic Bust, Patent Boom

    High-tech companies try to invent their way out of the recession, applying for a record number of patents in 2001.

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