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Fiber Optics to the Home

March 2000

Fiber optics has helped push the telecommunications system into hyperdrive. But only when fiber connections reach all the way into the home will the technology´s promise be fully realized.

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    Mind over Muscles

    When two emerging technologies meet, paralyzed people can move their limbs - just by thinking about it.
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    High Stakes for Gene Therapy

    After a decade of disappointment and a teenager’s death, this experimental treatment faces a crucial test. Can it cure hemophilia?
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    The Bell Labs of Biology

    This chemist’s dream is to understand how the human body works - molecule by molecule.
  • A profusion of new software patents on Internet business methods puts our notions of intellectual property to the biggest test yet.
  • The Technology Review Patent Scorecard shows corporations focusing more than ever on intellectual property-but with sharply contrasting strategies.

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