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Dr. E-mail Will See You Now

January/February 2000

Is software that replies to customers automatically the key to success in e-commerce? Ask the doctor.

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  • If biologists can learn to use devices only a few billionths of a meter across, they could get a far better view of life’s processes. They may even find ways to tinker with the machinery of life, death and disease. Welcome to the world of “nanomedicine.”
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    Nanomedicine Nears the Clinic

    Minuscule “smart bombs” that find cancer cells, kill them with the help of lasers and report the kills. Sound crazy? Guess again. That treatment scenario may be less than a decade away.
  • Almost forgotten today, J.C.R. Licklider mentored the generation that created computing as we know it.

  • Leading Japan’s best-known consumer electronics company into the new world of “convergence” is a very small, very un-Japanese research lab based on an illustrious model: Xerox PARC.
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    The Story of the 21st Century

    Tired of your too, too solid flesh? Mild-mannered inventor Ray Kurzweil tells you how to scan your mind into a computer and live forever.

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