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Digital Cinema, Take 2

September 2002

Film offers the best color and clarity, but in Hollywood´s effects houses, computers rule. Moviemakers must expertly blend both media.

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    Nanotech by the Numbers

    It’s virtual reality, writ small: atom-by-atom simulations of new materials could usher in the nanotech future sooner than anybody imagined.
  • Glenn Curtiss’s aeronautical innovations outlasted the Wright brothers’. But his biggest contribution to aviation was an Albany-Manhattan flight many deemed suicidal.
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    The Technology of Megaterror

    A veteran presidential science advisor examines bioterrorism, dirty bombs and smuggled nukes–and details how to stop them.
  • A newly approved radio technology promises wireless home electronics and positioning systems accurate to the centimeter. But opponents say it could also mean dead cell phones, thwarted satellite reception–even plane wrecks.
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    Cloning Cows

    With just homemade needles and some cells from an ear biopsy, Jose Cibelli of Cyagra demonstrates how to build a blue-ribbon steer.

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