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Corn That Clones Itself

March 2003

If they´re allowed out of the lab and into the field, crops genetically engineered to reproduce through cloning could feed the world´s poor.

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  • New intelligence software finds meaning in the chaos of clues scattered throughout data-saturated networks. The challenge: to unravel terrorist plots before they happen.

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    Recharging the Power Grid

    Enormous flow batteries make large-scale electricity storage on the grid possible for the first time. Expect fewer blackouts and a thoroughly revamped electric power industry.
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    Harnessing Quantum Bits

    Computers that can simultaneously process information in numerous alternate realities are less theoretical than you might think.
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    The Liver Chip

    The human liver cells in Linda Griffith’s miniature device behave just as they would in the body, permitting more accurate drug and toxin testing.

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