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Computing After Silicon

September/October 1999

How will computers be built after 2015? Hewlett-Packard´s Stan Williams thinks he has a good recipe. It´s not perfect-but that´s the beauty of it.

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  • Five years ago, the FAA set out to revolutionize air traffic control. Their comprehensive plan failed to attain airspeed-will an incremental approach fly before aerial gridlock sets in?
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    Mining the Genome

    The Human Genome Project piles up Everests of data. But getting new drugs out of it will require sophisticated software for sniffing out patterns–one of the most crucial tasks of the hot field known as bioinformatics.
  • Since the 1960s, Donald Knuth has been writing the sacred text of computer programming. He’s a little behind schedule, but he has an excuse: he took time out to reinvent digitial typography.
  • After a decade of hype, microscopic mechanical systems are poised to make major changes in the size of our cell phones, the reliability of our communications systems-even the way “Star Wars” is shown.
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    The Knowledge Lab

    Launched by NCR–famed for cash registers and ATMs–this showy lab in London hopes to define e-commerce. But some say it’s more PR than R&D.

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