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Clicking onto Webzines

May/June 1997

Collecting, selecting, and refining the stories that go online, web-based magazines are transforming the internet experience. But these embryonic publications don´t yet fully exploit the new medium´s potential-and their financial viability is in question.

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  • The ability to churn out ever greater volumes of information in a variety of formats has exceeded our ability to process it. Fortunately, firm action, both personal and political, can help clear the air.
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    Missile Defense: The Sequel

    Today’s programs for defending against missile attacks are less ambitious than the Reagan-era Star Wars efforts. But the new systems are still too easily foiled, and their deployment would slow arms cuts.
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    Killing the Last Cancer Cell

    Recognizing that tumor cells lurking in the body after cancer treatment will cause a relapse of cancer, scientists are working to employ nature’s army-the immune system-to destroy remaining enemy outposts.
  • Are the world’s amphibians-vulnerable to eco-logical changes in water and on land-acting like canaries in a coal mine, warning us of environmental dangers below the threshold of human perception?

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