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Boeing´s Flight for Survival

September 2003

The 7E7 could set new efficiency standards, thanks to lightweight materials, smarter sensors, and a streamlined design process. But can it pull Boeing out of a market nosedive and revitalize struggling airlines?

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  • Soon, hardware and software that track your location will be providing directions, offering shopping discounts, and aiding rescue workers-services that promise a windfall for ailing telecom carriers.
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    Reinventing the Transistor

    Hewlett-Packard is betting that it can build computers whose functionality rests on the workings of individual molecules. It’s blue-sky research, but if it works, it will push computing far beyond the limits of silicon.
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    A Sharper Picture of Health

    Powerful new imaging technologies pinpoint the molecular events involved in diseases, promising a safer alternative to biopsies.
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    O.R. of the Future

    Massachusetts General Hospital doctors lead a tour of what they hope will be the world’s most efficient operating room.

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