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MIT Technology Review

Biotech Goes Wild

July 1999

Genetic engineering will be essential to feed the world´s billions. But could it unleash a race of “superweeds”? No one seems to know. And nobody´s in charge of finding out.

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    Into the Big Blue Yonder

    A few years ago, IBM’s vaunted Research division went through a stormy upheaval. But the labs have bounced back, and the future looks bright.

  • Jeff Hawkins, creator of the PalmPilot, has other, much larger ambitions. He wants to figure out how the brain does its thing.

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    The Virtual Alchemists

    After a decade of calculations, the first wave of materials designed from scratch on the computer are ready to be made and tested. On the horizon: new substrates for optics and electronics.

  • After 20 years of plodding development, the Global Positioning System remains a novelty for niche markets. The system’s future hinges less on technology than on politics, economics and human nature.

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