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A Practical Road to Lightweight Cars

January 1997

Sure, we could make the leap to a plastic “supercar” but who could afford to buy it? The auto industry can get just as far, and achieve lower costs, by taking one step at a time.

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    Winning Through Cooperation

    The head of Sematech, the pioneering joint venture created to bolster the U.S. semiconductor industry, talks about the direction of U.S. research and development and the power of collaborative thinking.
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    Ehrlichs’ Fables

    The public hears fantastic tales that all is well with the environment and government regulations stifle economic growth. Two prominent environmental scientists argue that promoters of this “don’t worry be happy” point of view have their heads in the sand
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    Oral Ecology

    Dental researchers are making significant strides in identifying the microorganisms that colonize the mouth. To head off serious decay and disease, scientists are developing tools that prevent these microbes from gaining a foothold.

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