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5 Patents to Watch

May 2001

A handful of hot new patents that may change the way business and technology get done.

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    The TR Patent Scorecard 2001

    Whose patent portfolio is most potent? We rank 150 of the world’s top companies according to the quality and quantity of their patents.
  • Novel “photonic-band-gap materials” promise to light up the pipes of the telecom network. Their breakthrough? They carry signals through air rather than glass.
  • The semiconductor pioneer and cofounder of Intel discusses his law, aliens, the environment and his new foundation to fund far-out research.
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    Power to the People

    Declare independence from the electrical grid! Microturbines and fuel cells can generate premium juice 24/7.
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    The Programmable Pill

    Drugs of the near future will be microdevices that search out and destroy germs without the side effects of conventional therapies.
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    Battle for the Unseen Computer

    Over 99 percent of computers are inconspicuous: embedded in objects from toys to cars. Open-source software dukes it out with proprietary offerings to provide their operating system.

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