35 Innovators Under 35 2013

For our 13th annual celebration of people who are driving the next generation of technological breakthroughs, we’re presenting the stories in a new way. We’ve grouped them by categories that reflect the variety of approaches that people can take to solving big problems. The Inventors, for instance, are creating new technologies. The Entrepreneurs are turning technologies into viable businesses. The Visionaries are anticipating how technologies can make life better, while Humanitarians are concentrating on expanding opportunities. And the Pioneers are exploring new frontiers, setting the stage for future innovations.


Kristi Anseth, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado; David Berry, Partner, Flagship Ventures; Edward Boyden, Associate Professor of Biological Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT; Yet-Ming Chiang, Professor of Ceramics, MIT; James Collins, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University; Jennifer Elisseeff, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins; Javier García-Martínez, Director of Nanotechnology Lab, University of Alicante, Spain; Eric Horvitz, Managing Co-director of Microsoft Research, Redmond; Naval Ravikant, Founder, Angellist; John Rogers, Professor of Physical Chemistry and Materials Engineering, University of Illinois; Umar Saif, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan; Sophie Vandebroek, CTO, Xerox; Ben Zhao, Associate Professor of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara; Daphne Zohar, Founder and Managing Partner, PureTech Ventures; Ken Zolot, Senior Lecturer, MIT School of Engineering