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MIT Technology Review
  • 8 years35


    Exploring new technologies like blockchain and cloud AI while continuing work on important long-term challenges like quantum computing.


    number of customers the company has worked with on blockchain applications

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  • 7 years21


    Changing the economics of space travel with its successful landing and recycling of rockets to be recycled for multiple trips

    10 percent:

    price discount being considered for customers who agree to fly their payloads on reused rockets

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  • 6 years3
  • 6 years1


    After a drop in sales last fall, unveiled a new machine, NovaSeq, that will be capable of sequencing 48 entire human genomes in two and a half days—and could one day push the cost of genome sequencing down to $100.


    price of the cheaper of its two NovaSeq models

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  • 5 years10


    Creating an AI-powered store of the future with Amazon Go while expanding intelligent voice assistant Alexa into phones, cars, and more.


    number of programs that software developers have published for Alexa

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  • 5 years11


    Turning its insanely popular chat platform WeChat into a virtual operating system featuring mini programs.

    50 percent:

    proportion of WeChat’s 770 million daily users who are on the service at least 90 minutes a day

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  • 4 years34


    Its innovative batteries for the power grid make this startup unusually successful in a tough industry.


    Include Bill Gates, Shell.

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  • 4 years28


    Despite the high-profile loss this year of its well-regarded head of AI, Andrew Ng, the company is doing important work in the field, including leading China’s National Engineering Lab of Deep Learning Technology and Application.


    number of employees dedicated to working on AI

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  • 4 years17


    Moving to incorporate AI into its businesses as it focuses on technological innovation in wind and renewable energy, data-driven services, and other business lines.


    number of jet engines GE says will be connected to the Internet by 2020

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  • 4 years2


    While advancing autopilot technology in its Model S and X cars, the company is taking electric vehicles mainstream with its $35,000 Model 3 car, which already has 400,000 pre-orders.

    50 percent

    According to CEO Elon Musk, drivers have a 50 percent lower chance of having an accident when driving with Tesla Autopilot.

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  • 3 years4
  • 3 years24
  • 3 years12


    Building out its advertising business by partnering with Viacom to sell ads and with Nielsen for marketing campaign data.

    10 billion

    Number of videos that are seen on the app every day.

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  • 3 years9
  • 2 years25
  • 2 years15
  • 2 years6
  • 2 years44


    $12 billion

    Freescale’s value in a proposed acquisition by a Dutch semiconductor maker

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  • 2 years37
  • 2 years33


    Using RNA interference to create alternatives to conventional GMOs.

    $1.5 billion

    Money invested last year in research on new biotech traits, genomics, and more.

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  • 2 years18
  • 2 years26



    Number of active Uber drivers as of December 2014

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  • 2 years30


    $45 billion

    Most recent valuation for the private company

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