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Engagement Editor

Our engagement team is growing, and we’re hiring an experienced social and engagement editor to help make our journalism a greater force for positive change in the world.

At Technology Review, we’re focused on building strong, lasting connections with our audience. Like any publication, we maintain robust presences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social platforms, and love when prominent thinkers and other personalities link to our stories. But more than anything, we are about fostering better conversations around technology, including how it’s built, regulated, and used in the wild. And increasingly we recognize that this means thinking not of our audience but our audiences—the communities of people who care about the diverse technology topics we cover, from AI and computing to CRISPR and biomedicine to the role of tech in racial injustice or economic inequality.

That’s where you come in. As someone who is passionate about engaging with readers of all stripes, you’ll help us deepen the bond with our audiences wherever they are. That means helping our editorial team’s journalism have the biggest impact possible online, whether that’s reaching a big audience across the internet, reaching a smaller audience that’s really important for a story, or involving audiences or communities in the making of a story. It means working with our crack design team to create beautiful images and video that delight our followers. It means engagement projects you plan from start to finish, on both existing and emerging platforms, that reach people and encourage them to interact and participate in these conversations about technology, not simply to read about them. You don’t need to know all about AI, blockchain, or CRISPR to work here. What matters above all is that you care about helping great stories make a difference. 

With a track record of monitoring performance metrics that go beyond just pageviews, keeping an eye on the indicators of deeper and more meaningful engagement is second nature to you. So is experimentation. The opportunity to find new audiences and make sure our stories are resonating with our current readers is near limitless, so new ideas, testing, iteration, and a willingness to adjust on the fly is key.

The mission 

MIT Technology Review  is a world-renowned name in technology news. We cover tech at the cutting edge, where it’s just emerging into the world. Our mission:  to make technology more of a force for good through authoritative, influential, and trusted coverage that leads to better decision-making by those who build, use, and regulate technology. We benefit from our close ties to one of the world’s top research institutions while enjoying strict editorial independence. And we’re expanding.

The opportunity

Our social media editor needs a partner in crime (figuratively speaking). Our following is growing fast (it’s now more than 4 million) and people are engaging with us more and more across all the platforms we work on. It’s grown to the point that if we want to go further—and we’ve got big plans to do just that—we need another sharp, accomplished mind focused on how our stories resonate with our audiences and how we can better serve our readers. That will mean experimentation in terms of how we package and promote our journalism on the platforms we already use, expansion on to new ones, and improving how we engage with all of our readers throughout the journalism process.

Sometimes it seems like our social media editor is more than one person (more on him in a bit). Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what he takes care of most days. You’ll be splitting a lot of this work as well as coming up with new projects to tackle: 

  • Putting a social-media twist on Technology Review’s authoritative voice
  • Working with the design team to create captivating, informative, and beautiful Twitter threads and Instagram stories 
  • Helping editors and writers polish their headlines to a glossy shine 
  • Giving our best evergreen stories new life and relevancy to help our audiences better understand the most important tech news of the day
  • Following the paper trail of who’s talking about our journalism on social media, and insert Technology Review into the conversation when appropriate
  • Helping our beat writers better understand the interests and questions in the minds of the audiences they serve
  • Designing and running campaigns to test new strategies and tactics for interacting with readers 
  • Collaborate with the events and marketing teams to bring the editorial voice and mission to their work

Some things we’re particularly proud of:

Who you’ll be working with  

We’re a close-knit team of about 20 reporters and editors with expertise in many fields of technology, spread across the US and in Europe. Even before the pandemic half of us worked remotely, and we think we’ve gotten pretty good at doing our jobs while supporting each other via Zoom. Almost everything you do will involve some form of collaboration, including regularly talking with our reporters and editors about the stories they’re working on. Here are some of the folks you can expect to work most closely with:

Benji Rosen is our social media editor, master of pithy posts, and passionate advocate of meaningful engagement with our readers no matter the platform. He is also among the most approachable, forthright human beings you’ll meet—which is saying something, given that he stares into the gaping maw of social media for a living.

Rosemary Kelly is our director of audience development. Rosemary’s stock in trade is quantifying everything from the performance of our events to our newsletters to (you guessed it) our social presence. But she’s more than just a numbers aficionado. Her motivation is infectious; a conversation with her is like a pep talk from your favorite coach.

Kyle Thomas Hemingway will make your work look better than you thought possible. Like our Insta Stories? Thank Kyle for making them gorgeous. Loved how our print cover was animated this month? Pretty much all Kyle. Enjoying our sleek audiograms? You’re getting the picture. Best part is, he loves jamming on ideas and coming up with fun new directions for our coverage.

Michelle Bellettiere is the answer to the question “What happens when you mix one part sophisticated analytical mind with two parts idealistic belief in the power of journalism, and add a dash of relentless curiosity?” If you have a question about whether our stories are resonating, Michelle, our director of analytics, will peer into the Matrix and come back with the answer.

The reporters and editors are exactly the type of brilliant, scrappy, creative thinkers you’d expect from people who live and breathe technology journalism. What you might not expect is how quickly they’ll make you feel welcome and how excited they’ll be to help you—because after all, you’re helping their stories find minds and eyeballs. Make no mistake, they’re 100% friendly. They also know where their bread is buttered.

Supervision Received: Executive Editor

Supervision Exercised: None

Minimum Requirements:

  • You have at least 3 years of experience working on social media or audience engagement, preferably for a newspaper, magazine, or other media outlet. Bonus points if that experience involves science or tech journalism.
  • You will be excited to take a holistic approach to engagement, across our site as well as through off-site channels.
  • You love reading about complex, often serious topics, picking out eye-catching details, and crafting the perfect tweet/Facebook post/Insta post.
  • You know that traditional social media is just the beginning of a well-rounded audience engagement strategy, and you’ve got a track record to prove it.
  • You’re brimming with ideas for how to develop lasting connections with our readers, including a hatful of tactics you’re dying to try out.
  • You love experiments, gathering information on how those experiments have gone, and using that to improve for the next round.
  • You have a passion for headlines and are excited for the opportunity to help take TR’s headline game to the next level.
  • You will be prepared for life in the wilderness that is online comment sections, Reddit AMAs, and so on. People who read us are usually well-behaved, but from time to time you will encounter posts that could be triggering or traumatic.