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    Rajesh Reddy

    In Bangalore, India,six years ago, programmers working for overseas firms were commonplace. Innovative startups were not. That changed after Rajesh Reddy, trained at the Bangalore Institute of Technology, founded Gray Cell Technologies in 1996.Reddy ambushed a Motorola vice president on business in Bangalore and showed him that Gray Cell’s desktop- to-wireless network was more advanced than similar Motorola technology. Motorola soon licensed Gray Cell’s application for sending e-mail via cell phones and pagers and became Reddy’s first corporate customer. More U.S. investment in Indian information technology companies followed. By 1999 Reddy had renamed his company Unimobile and moved it to Silicon Valley, where it operated a wireless network connecting 370 carriers in 130 countries. The dot-com bust crippled the company, though. By summer 2001 Reddy was back in Bangalore launching July Systems, to create software that integrates wireless networks and devices into a global superstructure. With the backing of investor Ashok Narasimhan, and with business lessons learned, Reddy is confident July Systems will become a significant player this summer.