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    Dennis Crowley

    When Dennis Crowley goes out clubbing in New York, hell text a message with his location to Dodgeball, the company that he founded. Crowleys message – “@ Luna Lounge,” for example – goes out to all the friends he has listed at the Dodgeball website. The companys computer checks the clubs address against its list of geographical locations in 22 cities. If someone who is not on Crowleys friend list but is on the list of one of his friends has checked in within the last three hours and a 10-block radius, the computer notifies both parties. If Crowley has listed a girl he doesnt know as a “crush,” shell get a message with his picture saying hes interested. Shell have the option to find him or dodge him, without his ever knowing where she is. Google liked the idea so much it bought Dodgeball in May. Crowley says its “a very powerful thing to know where your friends are all the time.”