Humans and Technology

A look at how technologies from AR/VR, brain-computer interfaces, and chip implants to health trackers, biometrics and social media are changing the most basic aspects of human life—work, friendship, love, aging, sickness, parenting, learning, and building community.

Humans and Technology

Baseball’s ban on sign-stealing technology doesn’t make sense

Red Sox and Astros managers should not have been fired for seeking a competitive advantage

photograph of Alex Cora
Humans and Technology

Sex tech is slowly making a comeback at CES. About time.

The world’s biggest tech show still has a long way to go in accepting that sex—and women—exist.

image of lips on billboard next to street light with sunset in background sex tech ces vibrator
Humans and Technology

In 2019 it became cool to be “real” online

Awkward angles, bad poses, and raw emotions: it was the year of posts about our true selves—or so we thought.

Behind the Scenes
Humans and Technology

Meet the wannabe kidfluencers struggling for stardom

Millions of viewers flock to watch the biggest names on YouTube. But not everyone can be an online video hit.

photo collage of youtube personality Dane
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