Humans and Technology

A look at how technologies from AR/VR, brain-computer interfaces, and chip implants to health trackers, biometrics and social media are changing the most basic aspects of human life—work, friendship, love, aging, sickness, parenting, learning, and building community.

Humans and Technology

Facebook wants to fight teen suicide. Experts aren’t sure they’re doing it right

Suicide among young people is on the rise, and many point to social media as the cause.

image of boy using phone in shadows black and white
Humans and Technology

The new battle in Hong Kong isn’t on the streets; it’s in the apps

Activists are using Airdrop, livestreams, and innovative maps to keep their protest alive. But the authorities have plenty of tech of their own.

Protestors outside of the Yuen Long Police Station, expressing their distrust and displeasure with how the police responded to the triad attacks at the Yuen Long West Rail Train Station. Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. July 27th, 2019.
Humans and Technology

MIT Technology Review young writers essay contest

Win $500 and get your work published in our magazine by telling adults what they need to understand about your generation and technology.

Essay Contest Call for Entries
Humans and Technology

Biohackers are pirating a cheap version of a million-dollar gene therapy

A group of independent biologists say they plan to copy a costly gene therapy. Are they medicine’s Robin Hood or a threat to safety?

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