People are gradually becoming more integrated with machines. Whether it's through AR and VR, brain-computer interfaces, or chip implants, human-machine interfaces are augmenting humanity's future.


Anyone can program this cheap robot arm in just 15 minutes

Automata hopes its inexpensive devices can bring automation to companies that usually wouldn’t be able to afford high-end robotics.

A photo of the Eva robot arm

Facebook’s AI system can speak with Bill Gates’s voice

The company’s AI researchers have developed a speech synthesizer capable of copying anybody’s voice with uncanny accuracy.

Bill Gates

Hearing aids that read your brain will know who you want to hear

If you have difficulty hearing, it can be tricky to make out a single speaker in a noisy room. A system that amplifies the voice you want to listen to could help.

An image of a crowd of people

A tiny four-winged robotic insect flies more like the real thing

Flying robots are more agile with four wings than two. Engineers halved the weight of a crucial component to make that possible.

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