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It’s 2020. American elections are still “frighteningly easy” targets.

Election tech giants were called before Congress weeks before the 2020 primary season begins. All of them support greater transparency.

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New “secure” voting machines are still vulnerable—because of voters

A major study shows that people rarely notice if their vote gets changed by hackers—even when using technology meant to protect the ballot.

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Iran may launch “destructive” cyberattacks against the US, experts warn

“Disruptive and destructive” cyberattacks could be the fallout after President Trump targeted Iran’s military leader in a drone strike.

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A virtual version of da Vinci’s mystery glass orb has helped explain its weirdness

The world’s costliest painting depicts a glass sphere with curious optical properties. Computer scientists figured out what the artist was getting at.

A. Rendering of a solid sphere B. Rendering of a hollow sphere

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