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Ubiquitous connectivity: next generation technologies drive actionable insights

What we do and how we do it are undergoing tremendous change right now, as we travel more deeply into the next technological revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous driving, the Internet of Things (IoT), these cutting-edge technologies and more are transforming our daily lives. But the transition to enabling pioneering capabilities and insights needs a robust network backbone, one with the speed and heft of the next-generation wireless network connectivity of 5G. The advent of 5G connectivity will enable better communication between, say, a smart city and an autonomous vehicle – the kind of communication and automation that will allow the car to know the best route based on current traffic data, for instance. We are in the early stages of this next technological revolution, but the development of 5G and its relationship to intelligent devices, will have an impact on all industries, in particular, to automotive, health care and IoT. Here are some ways that the advent of 5G is already transforming the way valuable data is collected and how it becomes action.