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The Future of Data Centers

Data centers already consume huge amounts of power, and demand is growing fast. But new energy-saving technologies, the consolidation of servers, and virtualization technology could help.
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    Why IBM Needs Sun

    Insiders at both companies say that it has much to do with Sun’s intellectual property.
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    Cheap Infrastructure

    Google’s App Engine is the latest service to reduce operating costs for Web startups.
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    IBM’s Software Predictions

    New software visualization tools will help make sense out of the increasing abundance and complexity of information.
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    Servers for Hire is selling the computing resources originally developed to handle its own business. CEO Jeff Bezos explained why, after his keynote at the Emerging Technologies Conference yesterday.
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    Holographic Memory

    InPhase Technologies hopes to bring its novel 3-D storage product to market by next year–and revolutionize how you store your data.