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Experimental Man

This section explores new tools and technologies in personalized medicine, and one man’s quest to use these to test his genes, brain, and body for customized health care.
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    Stem Cells and Entrepreneurs

    How Cellular Dynamics International is commercializing the new technology of induced pluripotent stem cells.
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    The Science of IPS Cells

    Biologist James Thompson and others discuss the discovery of IPS cells: the science and the potential for research and personalized medicine.
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    How Scientists Make Heart Cells

    CDI scientists explain how they made David Ewing Duncan’s beating heart cells in a petri dish and why it’s a significant feat.
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    Visiting Wisconsin to See My Heart

    David traveled to the headquarters of CDI in Madison to view his stem cells and his beating heart cells–and to meet the lab team who made and tested them.
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    Growing Heart Cells Just for You

    What can heart cells generated from my blood tell me about my risk for disease—and about what drugs I should take if I get sick?