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    Adam Bry

    “At the company I cofounded, ­Skydio, we looked at all the things people wanted to do with drones and realized that the products are primitive compared to what’s possible. Today the typical consumer experience is you take it out of the box and run it into a tree. “We’re building a drone for consumers that…
    Microsoft is investing in quantum physics research that could lead to a whole new kind of computer.
    Despite plenty of hype and frantic investment, a leading artificial intelligence expert says hardware advances will keep AI breakthroughs coming.
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    Deep Driving

    A revolutionary AI technique is about to transform the self-driving car.
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    Apple Gets Its First Director of AI

    Ruslan Salakhutdinov, a deep-learning expert at Carnegie Mellon, is exploring smart ways for computers to learn about the world.
    Mobileye wants competing carmakers to contribute on-the-road data to help teach automated cars how to drive safely.
    Images from inside an artificial neural network help explain why a technique called deep learning is enabling software to see.