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A Smarter Grid

Building intelligence into the aging electrical grid–better software, new hardware, and provisions for renewable energy–could be the best way to make electricity cheaper and more reliable.
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    Rebuilding the Power Grid

    Clean energy depends on new infrastructure.
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    Europe Backs Supergrids

    Recent efforts show hope for regional transmission planning for renewable power.
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    Managing Energy

    We need to apply information technology to the energy grid.
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    A Power Grid Smartens Up

    Communications technologies will make Boulder’s grid more efficient and environmentally friendly.
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    Gadgets to Spur Energy Conservation

    When the box turns red, it’s time to turn off the air conditioner and save electricity.
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    Fixing the Power Grid

    Big batteries will fight blackouts and could make renewable power economically viable.
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    How Plug-in Hybrids Will Save the Grid

    The use of vehicles that run on electricity could be a boon to the ailing electrical grid.
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    Making Electrical Grids More Efficient

    Beacon Power offers a new way to keep the juice flowing steadily.
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    Making the Power Grid Smarter

    A project is networking home appliances and thermostats to electricity grids, decreasing utility costs and electricity loads.
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    A Supergrid for Europe

    A radical proposal for a high-tech power grid could make possible the continent’s vast expansion of renewable energy sources.
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    Recharging the Power Grid

    Enormous flow batteries make large-scale electricity storage on the grid possible for the first time. Expect fewer blackouts and a thoroughly revamped electric power industry.