MIT Technology Review Reporter, Space

Cambridge, MA or remote

We’re looking for a passionate space writer to join MIT Technology Review’s team of reporters. You’ll cover the technology that’s driving the rapid expansion of the space industry and how advances in space tech are affecting life down here on Earth.

You’re someone who can’t resist watching a launch livestream, loves digging through research papers, and is willing to go the extra mile to find and tell unique stories about the intersection of space and tech. You enjoy explaining rocket science to the general public, and you’re equally comfortable getting up close and personal with the space industry and its extraordinary characters and building a community around your work. You care not just about what we can do in space but what it means for society and humanity as a whole. You’re good at managing tight deadlines to cover breaking news but also ready to explore bigger questions like space-based warfare, in-orbit manufacturing, resource utilization, and which emerging technologies will change the future of space travel.

Please note, though: while we do cover some of the latest astronomy findings, this is primarily a tech beat, not a science beat—so if you mainly want to write about black holes, gravitational waves, and exoplanets, this probably isn’t the job for you.

The mission

MIT Technology Review is a world-renowned name in technology news. We cover tech at the cutting edge, where it’s just emerging into the world. Our mission: to make technology more of a force for good, through authoritative, influential, and trusted coverage that leads to better decision-making by those who build, use, and regulate technology. We benefit from our close ties to one of the world’s top research institutions while enjoying strict editorial independence. And we’re expanding.

The opportunity

You will cover what’s current, relevant, and innovative in space by writing timely stories reacting to or interpreting the news and a weekly newsletter, The Airlock, as well as scoops and longer features. Your success will be judged on your ability to make MIT Technology Review a must-read on your beat and build up a community around your work. You’ll be expected to explore a variety of platforms and formats to tell your stories and spark discussions. You’ll enjoy the access and authority (and staff benefits!) that come from our relationship to MIT and a mandate to seek out the stories that really matter, not the ones that get the most clicks.

The ideal candidate

  • You’re a science or technology journalist with experience working on both short and longform content in a newsroom. You’re either on the space beat already or have a demonstrated interest in the area. You are already following space news closely and have opinions about where the industry is headed.
  • You’re exceptional at writing about complex subjects in a clear, engaging, jargon-free way, making them accessible and meaningful to a broad audience. 
  • You’re curious about new technologies, the people creating them, and the impacts they have. You care about telling the human stories behind technologies in addition to explaining the tech itself.
  • You enjoy building a community around your work by engaging with your audience on social media, speaking or moderating panels at conferences, and writing a weekly newsletter.
  • You care about finding the best way to tell each story. You’re excited to experiment with varied digital storytelling formats and different ways of connecting to audiences; you see yourself not just as a journalist, but also as a community builder and user-experience designer.