Smart machines are beginning to speak to us and act on their own.

Automated cars

New Patents Hint That Amazon and Google Each Have Plans to Compete with Uber

The tech giants both want a slice of the ride-hailer’s automated taxi and trucking vision, and they have their own ideas to prove it.

Practical robots

In Davos, the Police Will Disarm Your Drone in a Heartbeat

The World Economic Forum event is policed with drone-jamming devices to stop would-be terror threats and the paparazzi.

Machine learning

In 2017, China Is Doubling Down on AI

The country’s Internet giants are focusing on AI research, and domestic venture capital funding is pouring into the field.

Automated cars

Robot Cars Can Learn to Drive without Leaving the Garage

Playing video games and surfing Google Street View can teach software a lot about driving.

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    Driverless vehicles are fast approaching.

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    Advances in vision and mobility will lead to a new generation of machines.

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    Forget the screen, we're interacting with computers in numerous novel ways.

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    Suddenly AI and software are performing tasks with human-like creativity and supercomputer power.

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    What are the research advances that will shape automation in the future?

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