Can we transform how we power and feed the world in time to head off climate change?

Better batteries

Better Lithium Batteries to Get a Test Flight

The batteries should last twice as long as comparably sized rivals.

Clean power

With SolarCity Cuts, Elon Musk’s Magic May Be Wearing Thin

As demand for its rooftop solar panels slows, SolarCity cuts costs and seeks a fundamentally new strategy.

Fossil fuel transition

Why Range Anxiety for Electric Cars Is Overblown

A new study says that today’s electric vehicles can handle almost 90 percent of all car travel in the U.S.

Clean power

Huge British Nuclear Project Becomes a Diplomatic Flash Point

Hinkley Point’s demise could mark the end of the era of behemoth nuclear plants.

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  • Clean Power

    We're on the verge of a revolution in solar, nuclear, and renewable power.

  • Better Batteries

    Innovations in energy storage will be key to making renewables cheap and practical.

  • Agricultural Advances

    Climate change is threatening the food supply in many places.

  • Fossil Fuel Transition

    We still depend on fossil fuels—how will we end that?

  • Water Technologies

    Drought is an increasing problem in many parts of the world, but technology might help.

  • Responding to Climate Change

    Global warming is already happening, so how will we adapt?

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