Technologies are revolutionizing how we work and how companies operate.

50 Smartest Companies 2016

Our editors pick the 50 companies that best combine innovative technology with an effective business model.

Social needs

Bayer Buys In to Monsanto’s Vision of High-Tech Agriculture

Will the proposed deal help feed the world, or will it just cut investment in farm R&D?


What’s Behind Google’s Secretive Ad-Blocking Policy?

The decision to stop carrying certain types of online ads prompts questions.


Customer Service Bots Are Getting Better at Detecting Your Agitation

A virtual assistant that can tell you’re frustrated can slow down and help you out.

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  • Innovation Strategies

    How do we best predict tomorrow's technologies?

  • Work

    The mix of available jobs and the nature of careers and the workday are changing.

  • Funding Commercialization

    Investments in promising technologies are key to defining future developments.

  • Startups

    Though still a small part of the economy, startups have a disproportionate impact on innovation.

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    Almost every industry is being redefined by algorithms.

  • Social Needs

    Can we better reconcile business and social priorities?

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