New technologies and biological insights are providing unprecedented ways of improving our health.

Gene editing

The Unintended Consequence of Congress’s Ban on Designer Babies

The testing of new therapies to prevent a debilitating mitochondrial genetic disease in babies has hit a dead end.

Synthetic biology

How the Mathematics of Algebraic Topology Is Revolutionizing Brain Science

Nobody understands the brain’s wiring diagram, but the tools of algebraic topology are beginning to tease it apart.

Novel therapeutics

Manufacturing Dopamine in the Brain with Gene Therapy

A novel solution for Parkinson’s patients who find their treatments wearing off.

Genomic medicine

Fetal Cells Offer Promise in Prenatal Testing

A scientist says a blood test that can discern a fetus’s entire genome is coming.

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  • Genomic Medicine

    Medical decisions can now be guided by the unique clues in our genes.

  • Neuroengineering

    We can now manipulate neurons, gaining insight into the brain and helping to repair damage.

  • Novel Therapeutics

    Inside the era of increasingly effective drugs.

  • Gene Editing

    The ability to precisely alter human genes could revolutionize medicine and medical research.

  • Synthetic Biology

    Why stick to what nature gives us when we can synthesize our own genetic pathways?

  • Advanced Prosthetics

    Advances in electronics and biomedicine are greatly increasing human capabilities.

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