New technologies and biological insights are providing unprecedented ways of improving our health.

Advanced prosthetics

First Wi-Fi-Enabled Smart Contact Lens Prototype

A clever way of converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi allows embedded devices to communicate easily with the outside world.

Novel therapeutics

Artificial Pancreas Is First To Raise $1 Million Under New Crowdfunding Rules

When Beta Bionics needed idealistic investors it found them on the Web.

Novel therapeutics

Poll on Human Enhancement Shows Divided Public

A majority of Americans oppose futuristic biological enhancements that would make them smarter or stronger.


Olympians Look for an Edge with Brain Stimulation

Despite the lack of peer-reviewed evidence, startup Halo Neuroscience says its brain-zapping headphones have helped athletes get more from their training.

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  • Genomic Medicine

    Medical decisions can now be guided by the unique clues in our genes.

  • Neuroengineering

    We can now manipulate neurons, gaining insight into the brain and helping to repair damage.

  • Novel Therapeutics

    Inside the era of increasingly effective drugs.

  • Gene Editing

    The ability to precisely alter human genes could revolutionize medicine and medical research.

  • Synthetic Biology

    Why stick to what nature gives us when we can synthesize our own genetic pathways?

  • Advanced Prosthetics

    Advances in electronics and biomedicine are greatly increasing human capabilities.

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