New technologies and biological insights are providing unprecedented ways of improving our health.

Gene editing

Stop “Gene Spills” Before They Happen

Proposal would use gene-editing patents to force scientists to open their labs to scrutiny.

Gene editing

On Patrol with America’s Top Bioterror Cop

Will garage gene editing unleash a biological plague? Special Agent Ed You is ready if it does.


How Network Neuroscience Is Creating a New Era of Mind Control

It might come down to the same network theory that rules computer science and economics.

Novel therapeutics

3-D-Printed Kidney Parts Just Got Closer to Reality

One in 10 people suffers from chronic kidney disease and could use an engineered alternative to a transplant.

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  • Genomic Medicine

    Medical decisions can now be guided by the unique clues in our genes.

  • Neuroengineering

    We can now manipulate neurons, gaining insight into the brain and helping to repair damage.

  • Novel Therapeutics

    Inside the era of increasingly effective drugs.

  • Gene Editing

    The ability to precisely alter human genes could revolutionize medicine and medical research.

  • Synthetic Biology

    Why stick to what nature gives us when we can synthesize our own genetic pathways?

  • Advanced Prosthetics

    Advances in electronics and biomedicine are greatly increasing human capabilities.

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