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Marissa Mayer on the rise of women technology leaders
32m 54s | 3 months ago
The former Yahoo! CEO says women in tech must still shield themselves from critics, even as they push for gender parity in recruiting and hiring.
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The importance of hackers: Analyst Keren Elazari
34m 46s | 6 months ago
How thinking of helpful hackers as the immune systems of the internet can make your security stronger and better prepare and secure your digital presence.
The evolution of cybersecurity: Veracode’s Chris Wysopal
29m 28s | 7 months ago
Since the advent of the internet and after countless, massive breaches, the global community continues to struggle with cyber security and to treat it as an afterthought.
The fundamentals behind hacking: MIT Technology Review’s Martin Giles
29m 38s | 9 months ago
What business leaders and consumers need to know about the latest trends in cyber attacks and how to handle the next inevitable data breach.
10 Breakthrough Technologies with Bill Gates
19m 31s | 10 months ago
How the creator of the world’s biggest private foundation thinks about tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges.
AI is real now: A conversation with Sophie Vandebroek
32m 35s | a year ago
Why there will never be another “AI winter,” and what IBM and MIT are doing together to ensure that.
When our devices can read our emotions: Affectiva’s Gabi Zijderveld
32m 14s | a year ago
Emotion-tracking AI is starting to help machines recognize our moods. Are we ready?
Deep learning hope and hype: MIT Technology Review’s Will Knight
29m 49s | a year ago
Why researchers at the year’s biggest AI conference focused on how to keep human bias out of computer algorithms.
How AI is changing knowledge work: MIT’s Thomas Malone
31m | a year ago
With help from the right AI algorithms, organizations can evolve into “superminds” that are smarter than their individual members.
Technology for workplaces that work: Humanyze’s Ben Waber
29m 57s | a year ago
What can new kinds of sensor data tell us about the merits of open offices and remote work?
Helping cloud workers cope: Google’s Eve Phillips
29m 32s | a year ago
How Google is working to make life in the cloud less confusing and more productive.