About Views from the Marketplace

Views from the Marketplace are sponsored content, paid for by advertisers and select partners of MIT Technology Review Insights.


The advertisers and sponsors you see on technologyreview.com, in our magazine, and at our events work with us because of you, our readers: a prestigious, global audience that regularly engages with MIT Technology Review.

Our partners want to establish new relationships with you that transcend legacy media/advertiser borders. They are looking for ways to engage with you that move beyond advertisements filled with tag lines and special offers.

Views from the Marketplace offer just such an engagement platform.

What is a View from the Marketplace?

At its core, a View from the Marketplace is content commissioned or provided by our partners for the MIT Technology Review audience, primarily on technologyreview.com. The content could be:

Our partners also sponsor MIT Technology Review conferences, partner with us for custom events, and work with us to create special advertising sections to the print editions of MIT Technology Review.

Typically, the MIT Technology Review Insights team works closely with partners to create new assets; however, some sponsors provide their own content. We carefully review and edit all material before making it available to our readers, and it is always clearly labeled as sponsored content.

For more information, please see our native and sponsored advertising policies. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback about this program, or about content provided by our partners, please contact us at any time.

Potential partners interested in creating Views from the Marketplace or other custom content are invited to connect with our business-development team (adsales@technologyreview.com).