Our Team



  • Chief Creative Officer, Jordan Awan

  • Designer, Sam Jayne

  • Associate Designer, Lynne Carty

  • Art Assistant, Bryan Fountain


  • Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

  • VP, Licensing and Communities, Antoinette Matthews

  • VP, International Business, Nicola Crepaldi

  • Assistant to the Editor in Chief, Giovanna Bortolamedi

  • Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer, Katie McLean

  • Manager of Information Technology, Colby Wheeler

  • Office Manager, Linda Cardinal

Product Development


  • Executive Director, Alex Amouyel


  • VP, Events and Strategic Partnerships, Amy Lammers

  • Director of Events Programming, Laura Janes Wilson

  • Senior Events Coordinator, Nicole Silva

Consumer Marketing

  • SVP, Consumer Revenues and Marketing, Doreen Adger

  • VP, Consumer Revenues and Marketing, Bruce Rhodes

  • Director of Marketing and Communications, David W.M. Sweeney

  • Senior Marketing Associate, Julie Swanson

  • Assistant Consumer Marketing Manager, Katya Hill


  • Manager of Accounting and Finance, Enejda Xheblati

  • General Ledger Manager, Olivia Male

  • Accountant, Letitia Trecartin

Advertising Sales

  • VP, Sales, Laurie Hironaka

  • Digital Sales Strategy Manager, Ken Collina

  • Business Development Manager, Debbie Hanley

  • Business Development Manager, Denise Thayer

  • Midwest, Maureen C. Elmaleh

  • New York, New England, and Southeast, Barry Echavarria

  • Mid-Atlantic, Clive Bullard

  • France, Phillipe Marquezy

  • Germany, Michael Hanke

  • China, Vincent Chen

  • Japan, Akiyoshi Ojima

  • Spain and South America, Cecilia Nicolini

  • Custom Editor, Anne Stuart

  • Custom Editor, Mindy Blodgett

  • Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Anna Raborn

  • Advertising Operations Coordinator, Kyle Gibson