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Big data is transforming business today. Here’s how Oracle is mining its cutting-edge strategies.

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Innovation strategies

Larry Page Punts on a Chance to Explain Alphabet’s Woes

Google’s founders chose not to pen the company’s annual letter for the first time in 12 years, leaving investors in the dark about Alphabet’s moon shot strategies.


Here’s How TV Might Change if the Cable Box Goes Away

The technology already exists to give third-party apps and devices access to cable content. The question is whether the cable companies will support it.


New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Ceramic Parts

A new way of making these tough materials could be a key step in producing better airplane engines and long-lasting machine parts.

Taking on the Cybersecurity Challenge

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How ubiquitous information and communication are transforming our lives.

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Advanced prosthetics

The Key to Repairing Your Bones May Come Out of a Printer

Customized, printed orthopedic implants could be the future. In the meantime, the new manufacturing method is helping companies cut costs.

Innovation strategies

A Space Mission to the Gravitational Focus of the Sun

NASA says it could study features the size of Central Park on distant exoplanets by using the sun as a giant gravity lens.

Security and privacy

Do We Deserve Total Digital Privacy?

A quarter-century ago, a “protracted battle” over encryption began between law enforcement and civil-rights activists.



Can we transform how we power and feed the world in time to head off climate change?