Business Impact

In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff

Wheelys tests a 24-hour store run entirely by technology.

Rewriting Life

Baby Genome Sequencing for Sale in China

Chinese parents can now decode the genomes of their healthy newborns, revealing disease risks as well as the likelihood of physical traits like male-pattern baldness.

Business Impact

Tim Cook: Apple Isn’t Falling Behind, It’s Just Not Ready to Talk About the Future

The Apple CEO tells us what he thinks about Silicon Valley’s gender problems, President Trump’s policies on the environment and immigration, and why his company gets a bad rap on AI.

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How Will We Solve Big Energy Challenges?

How will industry leaders, government officials, researchers, entrepreneurs - lift billions of people out of poverty - and continue to advance technological civilization? Jason Pontin, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of MIT Technology Review delivers a striking message of collaboration from the Offshore Technology Conference Statoil Reception in Houston, Texas.

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Fight Scale with Scale

Samsung has rebounded from its battery-related challenges by expanding its fault resolution capabilities and is now positioned to revolutionize the manner in which the global smartphone industry mitigates future issues. Samsung’s solution could have massive ramifications for the industry, creating a quality control platform in which the entire industry may participate.


Intelligent Machines

Artificial intelligence and robots are transforming how we work and live.

Couldn’t make it to EmTech Digital this year?

Watch videos of today’s leading technologists talking about tomorrow’s advances in artificial intelligence.

Business Impact

How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

Digital Transformation: Using Hybrid, Flexible IT to Accelerate Time to Value

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