May 23-24, 2016

San Francisco

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Synthetic biology

Paint-On GMOs Could Create Cattle, Dogs with Custom Fur

It sounds crazy, and it is. A startup says it can use genetic engineering to change the color of animal coats.

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How Data Capital Creates Competitive Advantage

Data-capital tools are available to established companies and startups alike. The real trick: Determining which business activities generate the most valuable data.

Internet access

Wireless, Super-Fast Internet Access Is Coming to Your Home

The Supreme Court shut down his last venture, Aereo, after it riled TV broadcasters. Now Chet Kanojia wants to overturn how broadband is delivered.


Motion Pictures

Technology is now allowing artists to do something they’ve aspired to since the stone age: make their paintings move.


Taking on the Cybersecurity Challenge

Produced by MIT Technology Review Custom, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FireEye


How ubiquitous information and communication are transforming our lives.



Smart machines are beginning to speak to us and act on their own.