Novel therapeutics

The World’s Most Expensive Medicine Is a Bust

The first gene therapy approved in the Western world costs $1 million and has been used just once. The doctor who tried it says the price is “absolutely too high.”

Beyond silicon

Moore’s Law Is Dead. Now What?

Shrinking transistors have powered 50 years of advances in computing—but now other ways must be found to make computers more capable.

Fossil fuel transition

Rwanda Inaugurates Groundbreaking Methane Power Project

First-of-its-kind project to extract gas—and avert catastrophe—comes online on Central Africa’s Lake Kivu.

Computer science

IBM Inches Ahead of Google in Race for Quantum Computing Power

IBM believes it can demonstrate an experimental chip that will prove the power of quantum computers in just a few years.

View from the Marketplace

How Data Capital Creates Competitive Advantage

Data-capital tools are available to established companies and startups alike. The real trick: Determining which business activities generate the most valuable data.


Do Your Banking with a Chatbot

Kasisto’s AI platform is powering a mobile-only bank in India, where chatbots handle all consumer requests.


The Rogue Immune Cells That Wreck the Brain

Beth Stevens thinks she has solved a mystery behind brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.


Taking on the Cybersecurity Challenge

Produced by MIT Technology Review Custom, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FireEye


New technologies and biological insights are providing unprecedented ways of improving our health.

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