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Recent books from the MIT community

November/December 2023

October 24, 2023

Political Rumors: Why We Accept Misinformation and How to Fight It
By Adam J. Berinsky, professor of political science and director of the MIT Political Experiments Research Lab

Iterate: The Secret to Innovation in Schools
By Justin Reich, associate professor of comparative media studies/writing and director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab 
JOSSEY-BASS, 2023, $32

A Book of Waves
By Stefan Helmreich, professor of anthropology  
DUKE UNIV. PRESS, 2023, $31.95

US Go Home: The US Military in France, 1945 to 1968
By M. David Egan, SM ’66, and Jean Egan
SCHIFFER BOOKS, 2022, $49.99

Algorithmic Rights and Protections for Children
Edited by Mizuko Ito; Remy Cross; Karthik Dinakar, SM ’12, PhD ’17; and Candice Odgers
MIT PRESS, 2023, $45

Workforce Ecosystems: Reaching Strategic Goals with People, Partners, and Technologies
By Elizabeth J. Altman, SM ’92; David Kiron, editorial director of resarch at MIT Sloan Management Review; Jeff Schwartz; and Robin Jones
MIT PRESS, 2023, $29.95

The Claims of Life: A Memoir
By Diana Chapman Walsh, life member emerita of the MIT Corporation
MIT PRESS, 2023, $34.95

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