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Barbie meets Dr. Who

First-years embrace Mens et Manus in a project that reimagines the Barbie stereotype.

October 24, 2023

On the first day of fall class registration, a Barbie-themed TARDIS, the time-traveling spaceship from Doctor Who, appeared in the president’s office, courtesy of incoming first-years in Interphase EDGE/x, a scholar enrichment program run by the Office of Minority Education. Inside the “Barbis,” President Kornbluth found a web of mirrors and lights representing infinite space travel.

Sally Kornbluth in the Barbis with students standing to the left and right

Barbis was constructed over the summer during an eight-week Interphase EDGE/x course at the MIT Edgerton Center. In the class, students form project teams and envision and complete a project, gaining hands-on engineering skills as they get to know other first-years. Read more about the Barbis project here.

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Illustration by Rose Wong

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