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15 ClimateTech Companies to Watch

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From nuclear fusion to cow-free burgers, these businesses have the best shot at making a difference on climate change.

Geothermal Energy

Fervo Energy

Renewable Energy


The Spark

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Nuclear Energy


Electric Vehicles


Battery Recycling


Carbon Removal


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Renewable Energy


Food and Agriculture




Energy Storage

Form Energy

Electric Vehicles


Air Conditioning

Blue Frontier

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About The List

15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch

MIT Technology Review’s 15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch highlights startups and established businesses that our editors think could have the greatest potential to substantially reduce greenhouse-gas emissions or otherwise address the threats of global warming. Learn more about how we chose the list.


EditorialSpecial projects editor: Amy Nordrum
Climate team: Casey Crownhart, James Temple
Editing: Niall Firth, Mary Beth Griggs, Mat Honan, Amy Nordrum, David Rotman, Amanda Silverman
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