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Climate change and energy

Coming soon: MIT Technology Review’s 15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch

We’re excited to unveil a new list of firms making progress on climate change at this year’s ClimateTech conference, October 4-5 on MIT’s campus.

September 5, 2023

For decades, MIT Technology Review has published annual lists highlighting the advances redefining what technology can do and the brightest minds pushing their fields forward.

This year, we’re launching a new list, recognizing companies making progress on one of society’s most pressing challenges: climate change.

MIT Technology Review’s 15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch will highlight startups and established businesses that our editors think could have the greatest potential to substantially reduce greenhouse-gas emissions or otherwise address the threats of global warming. 

Attendees of the upcoming ClimateTech conference will be the first to learn the names of the selected companies, and founders or executives from several will appear on stage at the event. The conference will be held at the MIT Media Lab on MIT’s campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on October 4-5. You can register for the event here.

MIT Technology Review’s climate team consulted dozens of industry experts, academic sources, and investors to come up with a long list of nominees, representing a broad array of climate technologies. From there, the editors worked to narrow down the list to 15 companies whose technical advances and track records in implementing solutions give them a real shot at reducing emissions or easing the harms climate change could cause. 

We do not profess to be soothsayers. Businesses fail for all sorts of reasons, and some of these may. But all of them are pursuing paths worth exploring as the world races to develop cleaner, better ways of generating energy, producing food, and moving things and people around the globe. 

We’re confident we’ve picked a list of companies that could really help to combat the rising dangers before us. We’re excited to share the winners on October 4. And we hope you can join us at the ClimateTech conference to be among the first to hear our selections and share your feedback.

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Climate change and energy

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